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Volunteering in school IT - A retrospective

The purpose for a PC in a school is to be a teaching tool and not a hurdle. This is a retrospective of the most interesting volunteer work I have ever done (and still do). I live in a small town (~9000 residents), governed by a Local Council. As it happens the Local Council's finances are in dire straits (which I will not go into at all) and at the 3 schools within its jurisdiction (in two of them my children study), 2 primary schools and one middle school, the PCs in the classes have fallen to disarray. TL;DR No such thing this time. Read on How it all begun Somewhere around June 2019 one of the council members mentioned that he is trying to devise a plan to upgrade the school's computers and network infrastructures. Long story short I found myself willingly involved in that project spearheading change on the field while said council member spearheads change in administrative levels on the education board. I will spare you the long night hours upgrading OSs, the mistak