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Code reviews and naming conventions (or when the obsession for naming conventions misses the point of the review)

The Past It has been well over 6 years since I had my code reviewed by my peers. As a development team leader I had reviewed the code of my developers, however most of the time they didn't review mine. This was due to either them being juniors or mostly uninterested. I had asked for reviewing and I always got a "A OK" answer. The organizations I worked for did not really enforce this either. They were busy releasing to customers and to damnation with technical debts (or tests but this is another story). TL;DR When in Rome do as Romans do What to look for in a code review My take on what to look for in a code review is quite simple. Abide to the overall design agreed Be more strict to juniors as they got a more detailed design hand-off. Be more lenient to reasonable changes by seniors or seasoned developers. Ask for the logic behind the change and maybe debate the change to a degree of common ground and understanding. Find bugs   Yes there may be tests and a