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Code Review Boards - How to stay professional

I have recently come across the concept of a code review board. At first it was an awkward moment; My change set was out there for all the world to see and comment. I admit I was stressed about it and with good reason. What I will do in this post is put the record straight, as far as I am concerned, on the good, the bad and the ugly of public/social code reviews. And since in the near future my code will be standing there naked for all to see on some public repository, this should make for a very good exercise on what to expect and what to reject when it comes to review boards. TL;DR Code reviews are good. Review boards meh... Past (nearly) perfect At some point during my searching for topics to write I recalled some articles I wrote back in the day on CodeProject . And I also do remember that, unless your article was pure garbage, review of the article and comments where polite, leveled and cool headed. Social media was not that proliferated and people did not openly enjoy putti