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Evolving code and adding new technologies - Part 3

In this part of the series we will see how our code, after having evolved from a simple event call to a concurrent mess, will first and foremost get a bit into shape and then being throttled to produce best results. TL;DR The light at the end of the tunnel is not oncoming traffic. More parts are here:   Part 1 and Part 2 ,  Part 4  and  Part 5 Before we start I urge you to go read through the documentation. These are the links that hlped me write this post and learn how to use the Dataflow Library Dataflow (Task Parallel Library) Walkthrough: Creating a Dataflow pipeline Walkthrough: Using Dataflow in a Windows Forms application How to: Write messages and read messages from a Dataflow block Update: On Post and SendAsync  On Post and SendAsync in TPL Dataflow Let the data flow GitHub branch This may be "old" tech for some or all of you but it was new to me when I decided to pop my head out of the "company" man role and into the consultancy role