Visual Studio Code setup I use for C# development

Visual Studio Code has been around a while. However most of the extensions or blog posts out there relate mainly to extensions that facilitate development in JavaScript environments such as Angular, React or NodeJs (to name a few) and even Rust! The IDE is getting great reviews as being fast to load and very responsive as opposed to its bloated and heavy bigger brother, Visual Studio. TL;DR I switched from Visual Studio for good

Having worked on Visual Studio since version 4.2 I was used to it being heavy to load and at times even slow to respond. After experiencing VS Code with a little bit of NodeJs development I decided to try and make it my daily driver for .Net Core and C# development. I sought to find extensions to ease my day in the cubicle and see how comfortable will I be with it. I would give it a month on various tasks and workloads.

VSCode showing off extensions
VSCode showing off extensions
The month became two months and then 3 months and here I am with a list of very handy (in my opinion) extensions for vscode. Some of them useful for all programming languages and some for C#.

C# and .NET Centric (in no particular order)

After all these plugins vscode still comes up fast and feels lightweight.
If you have any comments or suggestions for cool plugins let me know in the comments!


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