It's been a hard year's... coding - Happy Holidays 2017!

I have found myself lately learning all sorts of new things. I am mostly using this very known video courses web site. Every course is between 5-10 hours broken down to sections and clips. And this is when my mind goes blank TL;DR sometimes you need to take a break.

Take your brain to.. golf

Regardless on whether you are coding, reading a technical book or taking an online course at some point or another you may find yourself being stuck on he same lines of code, or paragraph in a book, or rewinding the video of that course. This is it; your brain has had enough. You need to "F5" your brain cells. And this you do by either getting up and taking and stroll around the cubicles or get out in the open air and have your eyes look towards the horizon.. or.. whatever makes your brain disconnect for a while from the task at hand.

So towards the new year and in the midst of the holiday season and the time resolutions are being made through the best intentions of being kept, make one for your self... Learn when to take a break and take your brain off the every day/hour focus. Take a ten minute break on the hour, take a day break in the month, take a holiday... Think and retrospect... Live long, prosper and be strong.

And in that spirit.. this is me... taking a break from it all in hazy shades of winter ;)

Have a very Merry Christmas/Belated Hanukkah and a Happy New Year! 


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